Digital rights

this time to biggest market digitally we are verry good connection digital market we released driect digitally film but before use 60 days in theaters release that is we have good platform for release film together than we do digitally promotion publicity and theatrical publicity, print media , electronic media, vcc studios pvt Ltd release film two way driect digitally and theatrical release that is we always believing film business, second we tyup more than 5000 screen worldwide that is we released film minimum 2200 screen worldwide secondary we try to release more than 3000 screen worldwide same day that is this is good platform for distribution…

The Film industry is constantly on a look out of new and advanced marketing techniques to promote a movie and target a mass audience.Today hlm promotions have gone beyond releasing the teasers and trailers for the movie in the theaters. The marketing team spends enormous efforts to formulate weII-structured Film marketing strategies so that they can get the audience queuing up to buy the tickets. Digital marketing in film industry is becoming an effective way to get the audience involved and develop a strong Personal relationship with them.
Why YouTube is biggest platform for Movie Promotions

After the movie is made, the producer of the film looks at how to promote the movie so that it does well at the box office. YouTube is the best social media platform that reaches out to millions of audience who watch videos daily. A YouTube campaign is a cost effective way of promoting the movie to a targeted set of audience. The trailer that narrates the story line or the behind the scenes highlights can be shared on YouTube to grab the attention of the viewers. This video promotion helps in catching the attention of the audience and creates a hype around the movie.Today many movies are being promoted on YouTube before their release.The visual effects, music and the effective voice that narrates the story line traps the audience while watching the promotion
How Celebrities take part in Movie Campaign on Facebook & Twitter

The work of Movie promotion on Facebook is not just limited to the digital marketers. Even celebrities who are a part of the movie use the social media platform to connect with their audience. The viewers of today want to know everything related to the movie actors and the making of the movie. Facebook and Twitter helps the actors to get close to their fans. The fans follow the Celebrities Facebook profiles even during the days the movie is being made. Engaging the audience during the making of the movie, disclosing information relating to shooting locations, looks and outfit: is a good way to capture their interest. Celebrities’ twitter profiles also go a long way in generating interest and curiosity about the movie.